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Workflow Designer 1.86 & new vtigerCRM SMS Extension

Today I release a new Version of the Workflow Designer and there are lots of new cool features.

The most important improvement is the feature to attach multiple files in the “send mail” task, I think.
Now you could for example attach two PDF Templates, If you have installed the PDFMaker, and a file from the Documents modules into the same eMail.

The feature to customize the text on the “request permission” buttons will be a better solution, if you don’t want to explain why the “rework” button won’t be a rework, because you create a different workflow behind this button.

Two new and probably useful tasks are “convert Quote/SalesOrder to Invoice” and “duplicate record”, which will duplicate/convert the current values and additionally allows the change of single fields of the new record in the same way, the “set values” task does.

At least I will release in the next days a “Communicator” Extension, which allows a more flexible way to send SMS manually and integrated in a workflow.
So you could communicate via SMS with your Customers directly from the Workflow Designer.
Also I integrate the internal SMS Storage Module for delivery reports. I will support delivery reports, which comes asynchronous via push from the provider.
This extension will be free for a “give-what-you-want” price. All Users, already own the Workflow Designer, will be get this extension from the official download portal, without any purchase.

I choose the name “Communicator” , because I will integrate fax, letters and phone calls in later versions, but want to check if the way I implement the basics is good.
Probably you have some ideas for this.

In the first version I will integrate adapters for the following international SMS Provider: Nexmo, SMSGlobal, ClickATell, Lox24 and SipGate.

If you need a different provider, which will provide a developer access with a small account balance, I could integrate them, too.
Also the structure of the provider class is very easy and I will write some documentations how you add your own provider.


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