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VtigerCRM Tools

This Extension will integrate some basic functions, the vtigerCRM developers don’t implement in core or implement only in On Demand Version.

The latest version integrate the following features:

  • rename fields/blocks in Layout Editor
  • create default related tabs for custom modules
  • enter numbers with comma instead of point as decimal separator (no file modifications)
  • feature to filter JavaScript values, like the EventHandler extension does for PHP Variables (passive feature, if you don’t add another extension, which use this)
  • enable automatic execution of configured google calendar sync during cronjob
  • add custom sidebar with values from current or related records
  • in combination to the free EventHandler module, it could add a custom filter order configuration


Full compatible to VtigerCRM 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2

Need PHP 5.3 to work properly!


This extension is completely free of charge. No registration required!

Please find the download here: [download id=”11″ format=”1″]

Find the documentation here: VtigerCRM Tools Documentation


You found the full source code on github: https://github.com/swarnat/VtigerCRM-Tools

Feel free to implement new functions. I will accept any useful tools and add you to a contribution list.