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Example Workflows

In the first section, I have create some Workflows, which represent the (basic) features and allows a first step after purchase.
In the second section there are some often requested workflows, I have created to public usage.

To import this workflows you should have the most recent version of the designer!

1. Simple Workflows

All these workflows are created within the Organization module, but they should only explain the basics.
Please only apply this workflows in development systems, because they react on every Organization you create!

1.1 Create a event directly after creation of a Organization

This workflow create a “Call” Event for every Account you create 4 days in the future from 10 o’Clock till 11 o’Clock.

Download: [download id=”5″ format=”1″]

1.2 Create comment depending on Organization type

This workflow waits 24 hours after start and creates a comment precisely at 10 o’clock AM. (It waits after the 24 hours until the next 10 o’clock AM  is arrived)
If the Accounttype is “Customer” the Comment will be “is a customer” otherwise “is no customer”. (This only works out of the box if these types are available.)

Download: [download id=”6″ format=”1″]

1.3 Create a endless Workflow, which waits until the Accounttype is “Customer” and create Quote

This workflow requires some different things, which have to be equal in your system and in the demo system. (especially the mandatory fields and the product in quote)
This Workflow waits 24 hours after Creation, checks if the type is “Customer”. If not an “Call” event will be created on the next day.
After this the workflow waits 7 days and go back to the check of type. (If not, a new “Call” Event will be created … )
But if the type is “customer” a quote with one product will be generated. If you have removed the default products you only have to resave this configuration.

Download: [download id=”7″ format=”1″]

2. Complex Workflows

I have created some often requested workflows as example, how you could create workflows with the designer. You could extend or change the worklows like you need it.

1. convert Lead

Download: [download id=”3″ format=”1″]
Created date: 2013-03-09

This worklow integrate the “convert Lead” feature from vtiger and create Contact, Organization and Potential. If you like to exclude Potentials you have change the Workflow and remove the task.
Also you could insert your custom fields and define the target field.

2. send Event/Task Reminder

Download: [download id=”4″ format=”1″]
Created date: 2013-03-09

This workflow send a reminder for Events/Tasks to the assigned user. You could setup the time of the reminder in the delay Task of this workflow.
It’s possible to define days/hours before start datetime. Also, You could extend this workflow to send a second reminder.

3. Project working time calculation

Download: [download id=”12″ format=”1″]
Created date: 2015-03-12

This Projects workflow sum a custom field from every related project task record. This workflow needs to be adjust, before use.
Open the configuration of the task “sum” (execute expression with external record) and configure the custom field you want to use. (Replace the cf_797 variable)

3.1 Trigger time calculation from project task modification

Download: [download id=”13″ format=”1″]
Created date: 2015-03-12

This Workflow will trigger a recalculation of workflow 3 if you change a projecttask record. You need to select the workflow you import in 3. in the only available task. Also you could adjust the start condition to only start this workflow if the custom field, which contain the working hours, was changed.