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Known Problems

Readonly User

If you run this extension with users, which haven’t the permission to edit a record, the Colorizer couldn’t inject his color settings. This problems will be generated, because vtiger didn’t mark fields in readonly records.
To solve this problem, you have to change one vtiger core file.

1.  OpenSmarty/templates/DetailView.tpl

2. Search[~Line 372]

{if $EDIT_PERMISSION eq 'yes' && $display_type neq '2' && $_readonly eq '0'}
  {* Performance Optimization Control *}
  {if !empty($DETAILVIEW_AJAX_EDIT) }
    {include file="DetailViewUI.tpl"}
    {include file="DetailViewFields.tpl"}
  {* END *}
  {include file="DetailViewFields.tpl"}

3.  Insert After this lines:

<td style='display:none;width:0px;' id="colorizer_{$data.fldname}"></td>

If you use custom Modules, you have to check, if these modules have similar files.